Dumanoir & Grand Cafe

The Dumanoir pathway & The Grand Cafe Plantation

The Dumanoir pathway
About 400 royal palm trees are planted on both sides of the road. This walk that stretches for more than 1 kilometer
long marks the entrance of Capesterre-Belle-Eau coming from Trois-Rivieres.
The first palm trees were planted around 1850 by the writer Pinel-Dumanoir to delimit his property :
the domain of the Marquisate of Brinon.

Mostly destroyed by the cyclone of 1928, many palm trees had to be replanted over the years to conserve
the historical heritage of Basse-Terre, of which the Dumanoir pathway is part.

A beautiful picture with the prospect quite surprising, only a few minutes from your rental.

The Grand Cafe Plantation
Magical visit of an authentic banana plantation by tractor-drawn cart, less than 1 km from your lodging.
Enjoy the panoramic view over the banana fields, discover the colonial house and learn
all the secrets of the growing of banana.