Botanical Garden

The Deshaies Botanical Garden

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If you like flowers and tropical plants, the Deshaies Botanical Garden is the visit not to be missed
during your holidays in Guadeloupe.

At about 45 minutes from your cottage rental, the former estate of Coluche has been converted
into a splendid floral garden with wildlife, perfectly maintained, where it is good to stroll along the paths.
The 5-hectare park contains over 800 species of tropical plants of all kinds : bougainvillea,
hibiscus, orchids, bamboos, cacti and many others …

You will also cross the trails of flamingos, macaws, loriquets, koi carps or goats…

Enjoy a lunch break at the park’s panoramic restaurant, overlooking the waterfall and the Caribbean Sea.

This garden is a very pleasant visit a few minutes from our lodgings, and invites you to discover
the flora of Guadeloupe in a luxuriant tropical environment.