The Crossing

The Crossing Route

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Take the Crossing Route and immerse yourself in the heart of the tropical forest and the National Park of Guadeloupe,
to discover incredible natural sites, just a few kilometers from your holiday rental.

Also known as “Route des Mamelles”, this 17-km route connects Petit-Bourg to Pointe-Noire,
crossing the mountain range of Basse-Terre.

Besides its breathtaking vegetation, do not miss to visit the sites developed by the National Park :

The 2 mountains called “Mamelles” and the point of view on the coast that offers passage to the pass ;
the crawfish waterfall and its enchanting setting ; the House of the Forest and its interpretation trail ; the picnic areas
of Corossol, Bras David and Petit Bras David offering a pleasant setting on the banks of the river ; or the departures
of various tracks of hiking (track of streams, of Quiock River, Pigeon and Petit-Bourg mountains, track of the crests …)

You will have understood, a multitude of natural riches are offered to you on this road, Then good walks!