Blue Pool and Paradise Pool

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Follow us in the National Park of Guadeloupe for two walks in wet forest
to discover beautiful natural pools lost in the tropical vegetation :
Paradise Pool and Blue Pool.

Located on the heights of Capesterre, the Paradise pool is the closest from your cottage rental.

Access in a few minutes to the river that feeds it, and enjoy an invigorating bath in the pool,
to forget your holiday rental’s swimming pool.

The Blue pool is located on the heights of Gourbeyre, 35 minutes from Lamateliane cottages in Guadeloupe.
Digged in the rock, it is fed by a 6 meters high waterfall, and offers you a bath of freshness in full nature.

These two pools are quickly accessible from our holiday rentals in Sainte-Marie,
and constitute two family walks without any difficulty.
Pleasure and change of scenery guaranteed !