The Carbet Falls

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Follow us in the heart of the National Park of Guadeloupe for a walk in the rain forest at the foot of the Soufriere,
to discover the most famous waterfalls of the island : the Carbet Falls. (Allow 2 euros for the entrance to the Park).

Located on the heights of Saint-Sauveur, 25 minutes from our cottages rentals, the Grand Carbet River spreads
in 3 majestic jumps, which are among the most beautiful waterfalls in the Caribbean.

The good walkers can join the first one, the highest of the three, with a jump of 115 meters.
Count 3h30 R/T, the course is partly arranged but the walk rather “sportive” and slippy.

The 2nd fall, jump of 110 meters, is the most accessible after 30 min walking without any difficulty on a paved road.
However, it is now impossible to reach the foot of the waterfall due to the risk of landslides.

The 3rd fall is reachable by the road from Routhiers in Capesterre-Belle-Eau.
From its 20 meters, this jump whose flow of water is the highest of Guadeloupe,
formed a nice pool suitable for swimming … very very cool !
Count 1h20 R/T by a trail without difficulty, if not on arrival …