The Caret Islet

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Let’s leave Lamateliane lodgings in Guadeloupe for a day at sea in the “Grand Cul de Sac Marin”, to discover Caret Islet.

Lost amidst the azure blue of its lagoon, the Caret Islet promises you a day like Robinson.

This small coral sand cordon gets its name from the caret turtle and is a nesting site for sea turtles.

Accessible in 30 min of boat from the Bas-du-Fort marina but also from Sainte-Rose, 30 min of your bungalow rentals,
you can lunch under the huts, stroll on its white sand beach or enjoy a swim in its crystal clear waters.

Take advantage of it to discover the other nearby islets : Ilet la Biche, Ilet Blanc, Ilet Fajou, and even
a shallow underwater wreck, without forgetting a passage through the mangrove swamp.

The boat license is not essential to reach this little paradise, consult our section Services – boat rentals for more details.