The Gosier Islet

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In Guadeloupe, the beaches are numerous and all different from each other.
Vary the pleasures, and leave the island for … an islet : the Gosier Islet. This small island located in the Bay of Gosier,
about 30 minutes from our cottages, is one of our favorite outings in Guadeloupe.

Recognizable by its red light, it is accessible by the fishermen shuttles in 5 min. Very close to the coast and bordered
by a pretty shallow lagoon, this coral island welcomes you with its pretty white sandy beaches lined
with coconut trees and grapes trees

The Coastal conservatory has set up an underwater discovery trail in order to make known
the wonders of the waters of Guadeloupe.
Huts for the picnic, a swim in the lagoon, a nap under the coconut trees …

An ideal place for a day with family or friends in all simplicity and relaxation.
Hope you will appreciate as much as we do this little haven of peace, not far from your holiday rental in Guadeloupe.