Paradise Pool

The Paradise Pool in Capesterre

Let’s leave the Lamateliane cottages in Guadeloupe for a walk through the forest to the Paradise Pool,
on the heights of Capesterre. An ideal spot for a moment on the riverside with your family.

The Paradise Pool is on the road leading to the Carbet waterfalls, between the bridge
on the Grosse Corde River and the reception building of the National Park.

It only takes a few minutes on an easy but rather steep path to reach the river which fills the pool
and it is quite possible to combine a hike to the Carbet Waterfalls and a swim in the basin.

On the road which will take you to the pool, you will pass in front of the restaurant “Naturel Bambou”.
A well known place, this restaurant proposes its specialty : crayfish (Ouassous in Guadeloupe)
on which is based their slogan : “Naturel Bambou, the queen of Ouassous”

Also to be mentioned : the beginning of the “Grand Etang” trek
as well as take off point for the Carbet Waterfalls 1 & 2, just after the pool.