Carbet Waterfall

The 3rd Carbet Waterfall in Capesterre

Let’s leave the Lamateliane cottages in Guadeloupe for another hike in the forest
at Capesterre, towards the 3rd Carbet Waterfall.

A family type walk through mahoganies and the rain forest allowing you to discover the powerful waterfall.
Although the smallest of the 3 falls of the same name, this one, with its 20 m (approx. 66 ft.) height,
has the strongest water flow in Guadeloupe.

Apart from the beauty of the forest, the show is at its peak with this magnificent and vigorous waterfall diving
into the great clear pool, a true haven of freshness which invites you to have a swim.
The hardier may enjoy bathing here.

In spite of the absence of stairs towards the end of the course, which makes the last steps complicated
for the less agile and small children, the track leading to the waterfall is perfectly accessible.

An easy and rapid outing for a good breath of fresh air only minutes away from the Lamateliane cottages.