The Longueteau Distillery in Sainte-Marie

Let’s leave the Lamateliane cottages of Guadeloupe for a short stroll to
the Longueteau Distillery,
neighbor of our rentals in Sainte-Marie.

The Longueteau Distillery is the most ancient distillery still active in Guadeloupe.
In 2015, not less than 120 years of history accompany this family enterprise.

The agricultural rum made here is still produced in full respect of the ancestral traditions.
Know-how and result which go perfectly together.

Feel free to enter the very heart of the distillery, whether with or without a guide,
and discover the distillery,
the house and its garden and, of course, the shop !

If you have the chance of running into the owner, François Longueteau,
he will be able to take you to his universe
of knowledge and tradition.

This is a visit you should not miss and only 2 steps away from the Lamateliane cottages.