The Galleon

The Galleon waterfall in Saint-Claude

Let’s leave the Lamateliane cottages in Guadeloupe for a hike in the forest,
right at the bottom of the Soufriere Volcano, in Saint-Claude.
A “classic” hike for the inhabitants of Basse-Terre, to discover with the family.

This track which starts at a nice spot will allow you to discover one of the most charming waterfalls of the island.
A gently sloping downhill walk through the rain forest will take you to the bottom of the 40 m (approx. 131 ft.)
high waterfall and its pool. Bathing is not possible here but why not have a picnic ?

On one side : the waterfall ; in front of you : the forest, the sea and Les Saintes islands. In the middle of nature !
The more experienced hikers may combine the Soufriere hike with the Galleon or also the Galleon and the Citerne
(which means Tank) passing by the Amistice Trace (or Track).
A nice day which may be ended in the warm sulfuric water of the Yellow Baths (Bains Jaunes).

All these interesting spots have the same starting point : the Old Volcano House at the Yellow Baths.