Trail on the Great Peak

The trail on the Great Peak in Trois-Rivieres



Let’s discover the coastal paths of Guadeloupe along the shores of Basse-Terre.
A few kilometers from the Lamateliane cottages, in the municipality of Trois-Rivieres,
this ideal walk for a family tour will offer you a succession of exceptional landscapes
with a breathtaking view on the Saintes Islands and Dominica.

The starting point is close to the Archeological Park with the Engraved Rocks, on the Anse Duquery park lot.
It is also quite possible to combine the 2 visits since an area equipped with carbets allows you to picnic
before starting the walk on the trail on the Great Peak.

The trail is very well signposted (follow the yellow marks) and punctuated with desks explaining
how to learn to draw
many topics on the theme of heritage and nature.
Throughout the course, you can discover different sites of the historical heritage of Guadeloupe :
pre-Columbian petroglyphs, ruins of an old windmill and a slave village,
as well as a battery and its cannons with its powder magazine dating from the 18th century.

An ideal walk for both young and old at the seaside combining nature and heritage.